Our overall aim is to provide a high quality professional service delivered by qualified and highly motivated employees, implementing continual improvements within the service that promotes a partnership relationship that is mutually beneficial and profitable. To ensure we remain focused on achieving our aims, we have set quality standards that we will monitor and measure ourselves against. Quality objectives are identified for all relevant processes and are documented.


Protecting the safety of our employees and the environment is our core value. We will not be satisfied until our workplaces are safe from hazards, our employees are injury-free, our services are safe, and our commitment and record of protecting the environment are unmatched.

Our HSE policy includes but not limited to;

  • Implementing effective operational safety policies.
  • Ensuring management of assets and systems complies with health and safety requirements.
  • Ensuring health and safety requirements are met for all contracts and projects.
  • Planning safe access and egress.
  • Promotion of the health and wellness of our employees.
  • Integration of safety and environmental considerations into the design of our services.
  • Developing and maintaining a safe and secure work environment.


MAXWELL believes in openness and is committed to:

Deliver our clients with proven methodologies that have been tried and tested, thoroughly benchmarked, and proven to deliver substantive performance results.

Customize our solutions around the unique requirements of each individual client as we are a “results focused company”. Assure delivering a costeffective solution to the clients’ specific needs.

Complete projects within the agreed timeframe (and if needed, seeks extensions in intractable situations that impact on the time schedule of project execution) and Provide continual follow-up for successful implementation at client end. Measure our success based upon the results we achieve. In fact, we do not consider a project closed until our client, as well as ourselves, believes the job was completed to agree upon objectives.


At MAXWELL, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only important but is integral to our business as we focus heavily on sustainability and energy consumption within our everyday business activities. It includes:

  • Implementation of energy efficient measures to protect the environment such as minimizing carbon and eco-friendly packaging.
  • Use of sustainable products and services
  • Best practices in health and safety such as reducing the number and amount of chemicals used.
  • Implementation of techniques to reduce water consumption.
  • Recycling activities to offset waste management costs